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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you offer free consulations in personal injury cases but charge in others?

     Because personal injury cases are handled on contingency (attorney fees are paid from the recovery), the initial consultation is without cost to you. 

     However, other matters are billed through varying methods, and the initial consultation fee is payment for the attorney time spent and legal information you will receive during the consultation. 

     Although some attorneys and law frims advertise a “free” consultation, the reality is this time will be paid, through their fees when you agree to hire that attorney.  In addition, the goal of a “free” consultation is to sign you as a client, because all firms need paying clients to survive.  (no one can stay in business by providing free consultations all day) 

     We prefer a paid consultation because it gives us the freedom to give you information and advice (even if that advice is that you don’t need to hire an attorney!) without worrying about signing a client to make up for all the “free” consultations we have provied. 

2.  How much is my matter going to cost?

      The total cost of representation varies just as every case will be different and require different lengths of time to resolve.  Our normal attorney rate is $250 per hour.  This applies to litigation, family law matters and contract drafting and disputes.  The number of hours required for your particular case can be estimated at the initial consultation, but can only be determined as the case progresses.  We can discuss a number of options to control the fee in your case. 

     Estate planning is value priced, meaning you will be quoted a total fee amount after your initial consultation.  Although some firms have a one-price-fits-all approach to estate planning, your estate, assets and disbursement wishes are unique.  In our practice we will spend the time with you to learn about your desires and draft the appropriate documents.

     Personal Injury cases are typically handled on contingency for attorney fees, based on a progressive amount of the award depending on how your case is resolved.  We can discuss this during our initial consultation. 

3.  How much am I going to have to pay to start the representation?

     Since total fee amounts vary, so will the initial payment.  Generally speaking, estate planning matters require an initial payment of 1/3 of the total fee to begin the process.  Matters involving court filings (litigation, family law disputes) include substantial court costs and preparation time, and you should expect to pay several thousand dollars ($3,000-$7,500)  as an initial deposit for future services.  As this money is used to pay for services and costs associated with your case, additional payments may be required. 

    As with overall fee arrangements, these amounts may vary and can only be set after we learn the details of your case. 



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Practice Areas


Consumer Advocacy

  Mortgage fraud

   Unfair practices

   Credit Card violations

   Identity Theft

   Contract disputes


Wills and Trusts

   Estate planning


Family law

   Prenuptial Agreements


   Child Custody




   Breach of contract


Personal Injury

   Auto accidents

   Motorcycle accidents


   Dangerous property








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