A different kind of lawyer

I am not your typical lawyer. I rarely wear a suit, I don’t eat at expensive restaurants, and I don’t drive a luxury car. I didn’t go to law school for that sort of thing.  I decided to be an attorney because I like to help people. Before law school, I left a good job working in the insurance industry because at the end of the day I was finding that I had not helped anyone or made their lives better, and it just felt like a waste of time if I couldn’t do that.

I decided to open a part-time, solo practice office because I wanted the freedom to only take cases and clients I believe in, without the pressure of a board or managing partner to quickly settle cases and move on to another fee-generating client. You probably either already have a problem you are facing, or are one of the smart people planning ahead for how to deal with a potential problem in the future.  No matter which it is, you want someone who will listen to you and give you advice based on the goal of making your life better.  Not finding the most profitable way or the quickest way to serve you.

I plan to write about various topics on an ongoing basis, to hopefully give you some information that you may find helpful.  I hope you enjoy this part of the website.



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